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Complete Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide

Having a clean home is an essential part of any house. When it comes to regular maintenance, vacuuming your home is key. There are so many options and a variety of high tech features to choose from when looking into getting a new vacuum. It can be difficult to make...

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5 Things To Look For In Carpet Cleaning Company

Carpets are a key piece of any home but they really a big investment that requires regular maintenance. That’s why there are so many carpet cleaners out there vying for your business. Not all carpet cleaning companies are created equal—so how do you choose the right...

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Carpet Protectant Eliminates Spots

The appearance of your home reflects a lot about you, you want to keep it nice. And when the carpet is a crucial part of your indoor space, its color, style, condition, and cleanliness reflect upon you as an individual. Protectant Gives You a Fighting Chance Over time...

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Why Area Rugs Are So Important

Using area rugs is a great way to decorate rooms in your home but there is more to it than just that. Rugs, similar to carpets, can be a great way to filter what comes into your home and help keep the air cleaner. Of course,  rugs can add a lot of artistic value and a...

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Why Do Carpet Stains And Odors Reappear?

You just bought supplies, rented equipment, and spent hours cleaning your carpets yourself. Or maybe you spent some extra bucks and hired a professional to clean your carpets for you. It’s only been a few weeks, and you already notice reappearing stains and familiar...

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5 Tips to Survive Cold & Flu Season

It’s that time of year again, cold and flu season. It seems like no matter what we try to do it spreads around us. An occasional day off to binge watch your favorite shows is great except when it involves a stuffy nose, painful cough, and fever thrown in. Here are...

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6 Home Cleaning Tips

There is no other place like your own home, our goal is to help you use these 6 simple tips to keep it clean and healthy without breaking your back:   1. Use Door-Mats and Area Rugs in your entryways and high-trafficked areas Entryways and highly trafficked are...

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