pet stain removal

You love your pet, but it’s ok to admit you don’t love the stains and odors they can leave around the home. The great news is, you don’t have to live with the mess and smell anymore!

There are lots of DIY tricks out there, but they often don’t get the job done. Here are a few simple, effective tricks for removing pet stains quickly and getting rid of nasty, lingering pet odors for real. 

Act Fast At The First Sign Of Pet Stains And Odors

Act quickly! A large majority of surface stains can be removed if you act quickly. As soon as you notice your pet has stained the floor, scoop up or gently blot the area with a towel. Absorb as much of the stain as possible, this will help tremendously in the pet odor removal process. 

Follow up by applying either a homemade or store-bought stain remover to the area. Just be sure to select a non-toxic solution that’s safe for pets. 

Use a small amount of cleaning solution at a time to avoid oversaturating the area and leaving behind a sticky residue that attracts more stains. Rinse the area well to remove as much residue as possible then dry the area with a towel. 

Schedule A Professional Pet Odor Removal Treatment 

pet urine removal​Keep in mind that the method above generally works well for eliminating surface stains, but a professional pet odor removal treatment will need to be scheduled about twice each year to keep odor and allergens at bay. This could be more often depending on how many pets and how many accidents happen.

When a pet relieves themselves on the carpet and the moisture dries, potent, smelly, allergen-filled odor crystals are left behind deep in the carpet, padding, backing, and flooring beneath. Even the best do-it-yourself methods won’t remove these odor crystals, which is why professional cleanings are so vitally important. 

Pet Odor Removal In Valparaiso, Indiana

Region Chem-Dry offers a proprietary Pet Urine Removal Treatment that chemically breaks down odors crystals to remove 99.9% of pet urine odors in carpets

Rest easy from your pet odor worries with help from Region Chem-Dry in Valparaiso. Request an appointment today!

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