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There is no other place like your own home, our goal is to help you use these 6 simple tips to keep it clean and healthy without breaking your back:


1. Use Door-Mats and Area Rugs in your entryways and high-trafficked areas

Entryways and highly trafficked are the source of a lot of the dirt and grime that enters our homes. Simple things like door-mats and area rugs can help trap a lot of the dust and build up that float around in the air. While it sounds so simple, area rugs are very effective at becoming a filter for our homes. Trap those unwanted things from your air onto the ground. This is a great way to help those with asthma and allergies to have another filter for the air they breathe.

2. Clean your carpets and rugs

To improve and maintain the life of your carpet, make sure to vacuum it weekly. Check to see if your vacuum has a HEPA filter or microfiltration system. They make sure that dust and dirt aren’t just being thrown into the air. However, it is important to remember that just vacuuming doesn’t get down to the bottom of the fibers of your carpets and area rugs. Bacteria and allergens can get trapped at the base of the fibers. Pet dander and urine, particle pollution and everyday dirt and dust are just a few of them. These micro toxins aren’t visible to the human eye but they can have a giant effect on us, studies have shown it is linked to allergy symptoms.

The EPA recommends getting carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year, and in homes with pets and/or children, it recommends getting a professional cleaning service at least twice a year. It is especially important for homeowners with pets to make sure their professionals have specific products for pet urine, it can be tricky to get out.


3. Sanitize high touch points around the house.

There are many “hot points” including doorknobs, faucets, toilet handles, and light switches. Spend just a few minutes to sanitize those areas, particularly before and after guests come into your home. This helps to reduce the spread of bacteria and germs. You don’t realize how often we touch these places, and how the germs can quickly spread to your hands, regularly washing your hands is another step you can take this season to prevent sickness.


4. Don’t forget about your upholstered furniture

Most people think about vacuuming and cleaning their carpets and rugs but they often forget about their upholstered furniture. We spend a lot of our time on our couches, chairs, and leather furniture, we don’t see what can settle into the fibers. Vacuuming and cleaning your furniture goes a long way to keeping it clean and looking good too.

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5. Regularly wipe down countertops

Countertops are an important part of a home, it’s where we prepare and make our food! We don’t see the dirt, dust, bacteria, and allergen particles that settle down into the countertop. If you have a granite or tile countertop, when you clean it, make sure you use a mild cleaner. Those types of countertops have a special sealant used to prevent the build-up of germs, the use of hard cleaners will break down the seal. Think about getting a sealant renewal service done, not only does it make your countertops look new but it protects your health. Remember this next time you are using harsh cleaners anywhere in your home, especially bathrooms.

6. Check and replace your heating and air conditioning filters

Furnaces are vital to keeping your homes warm in those cold months. Regularly changing the air filter in them is very important. As you can imagine, dirt, dust, and other harsh particles get caught in those filters. If they aren’t changed all of those particles can be shot into your home for you to breath. Write down the date that your new filter is installed and remember to change it when your next one is due.


We hope you enjoyed these tips, the next time you feel you need your carpets, upholstery, or countertops cleaned, call Chem-Dry!